Wa Christian Schools Non-Teaching Staff Multi-Enterprise Agreement

Please do not hesitate to contact your union organizer if you would like more information. Please also share this information with colleagues and encourage them to vote. . If you have any questions, particularly regarding obtaining a collective agreement, you will receive enquiries@ieuwa.asn.au professional and specialized advice in your union office. Despite the change in the provision for leave for persons/carers, which is less advantageous, the Union recommends that members vote “YES” when voting on the MEA, as significant salary increases are proposed and other improvements are proposed. WA Christian Schools Multi Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019WA Christian Schools Non-Teaching Staff Multi Enterprise Agreement 2013-2015 The union has secured an extension of the conditions under which an employee can take personal leave (the unexpected personal emergency concerning the employee is now included) and a relaxation of the requirement to provide a medical certificate to cover absences. Authorised by Mark Northam, Secretary, Independent Education Union of Australia NSW/ACT Branch The IEU supports members. Invite your colleagues to join you: www.ieu.asn.au/join-page Staff/tutor leave will now be progressive in each year of service and will not be available in advance each year. The union objected during the negotiations, but was informed that employers wanted to follow up on this change as a matter of urgency. Any employee who no longer has caregiver leave as a result of this change should contact the union for assistance. Also note that an employee may request that leave be brought forward for individuals or caregivers in the first year. Prices of educational services (teachers)Educational services (teachers) Remuneration guide..