Ua Housing Agreement

5.08 Respect for protections: for the health and well-being of students, teachers and staff, it can lead to changes in housing policies and practices. Students comply with these amended guidelines and procedures. Failure to comply with these guidelines and procedures may result in a violation of student contact, including the fact that a student is required to leave the home and/or go to a particular room. 4.02 Students of the legal drinking age: students aged 21 and over are allowed to consume alcohol in their individual rooms and cannot provide alcohol to anyone under the legal age. Residents may not keep alcohol in common premises accessible to minors, with open alcohol tanks in common areas and reception halls, or with common sources of alcohol, including barrels, punch bowls and alcohol-containing coolers. You are supposed to enter into the roommate contract with your roommates or roommates in the first few weeks of the semester. The agreement can be renegotiated all year round; However, the violation of the terms of this agreement may lead to a reassignment to another room or residence. If you have any questions about the roommate agreement, please contact your resident assistant. If you have already signed a housing contract and do not reside on campus, submit a contractshare application. The process is the same for current residents and arriving students. In rare cases, after moving into campus housing, a student encounters an extreme, unpredictable and uncontrollable problem that affects his or her ability to continue living in campus housing and for which housing -residential life cannot offer a reasonable/alternative solution in campus residences. The nature of these problems is usually medical, psychological and/or financial.

Students who no longer intend to visit the AU and returnees who have applied for accommodation but choose to move from campus are entitled to authorization from their contract and are reimbursed. Students who arrive at the cancellation before May 1 will receive a full refund of $165 for their prepayment or a partial refund of $100 per cancellation until June 1. Returnees who cancel before May 1 will receive a full refund of $115 for their prepayment or a partial refund of $50 per cancellation until June 1. These cancellation requests are automatically accepted and are not subject to committee approval if a referral requests them before the academic year or if a newcomer requests dismissal for attending another university. Life on campus begins with a housing contract. Check out the prices and moving dates here. As described in Section 10 of the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement, you are exempt from the rental requirement for the academic year only in the following circumstances (NO applicable if you are evacuated/removed from campus for behavioural reasons): 2.01 Invitation and Detachment Conditions: Without prior authorization, invitation and detachment are prohibited in residential halls, public spaces or door to door. If a party or group is interested in booking items in residences, follow this link for procedural information. Regular inspections will be carried out during the year for health and safety, semester preparation and maintenance.

It is expected that you will comply with the residence staff and other university officers when an inspection is requested. Whenever possible, room inspections will be carried out in your presence (or that of your roommate) and with advance notice. Employees enter your room when your alarm clock or hi-fi chain is constantly making noise and there is no answer to the door.