Roof Rental Agreement

Your building, your roofing systems and the operations carried out in your installation are your main concerns, not the PV installation. Before the lease itself, most solar developers need an option to rent the roof. This is a necessary precursor to the lease itself, as it facilitates the visit of the premises, which determines whether the roof is suitable for a solar panel installation. In addition, the developer wishes to clarify that the owner of the land can lease the roof area. Given the nature of these leases, we advise you to ask your solar advisor or a real estate lawyer (with experience in solar rental) to review the agreement before signing. This roof rental program is based on a simple commercial principle. A facility owner provides Roof Renters with an appropriate platform for solar installation hosts. In exchange, we pay you a reasonable amount and protect you from risks. It`s almost as simple as any other lease. As with any rental agreement, the tenant may require the lessor to receive agreements from each of its mortgage lenders, that the lender authorize the tenant to remain in possession of the laudable roof as part of the mortgage, and agree to recognize the lease and the tenant`s rights. 15 – 25 years is the standard term of a solar rental contract. The long-term nature of this obligation should be carefully considered when assessing whether it makes sense to rent your roof for a solar installation.

YSG has a model roof rental contract that we share with others. Feel free to contact us for more information and we will be happy to provide you with the model roof rental contract that you can check out. Most rooftop solar designers need an option to rent the roof. Simply put, if maintenance is not part of the lease, roof rental should not be a lucrative long-term business. Additional rental yield on unused roofs Immediate increase in assets due to additional rental income No capital expenditure or pre-charges Roof and insulation features No risk, including advances in maintenance or technology Increase in greenhouse gas emissions Emissions High Green benefits for your brand A typical “assessment list” that we use to evaluate rental applications solar power on the roof. the marketing of electricity generated on their roofs and leases often guarantee reliable rental income for at least 20 years. The option will allow the operator to have access to inspections and testing and to carry out other investigations that he deems necessary to ensure that the site is suitable for a solar photovoltaic installation and that the building owner is able to grant him a lease agreement.