Half Was Never The Agreement Lyrics

[Choeur] You could thank me now, go `head Thank me later, yes I know what I said But later doesn`t always come so instead It`s ok, you could thank me now [Verse 1] Mahalo from the hardest act to follow Lately I`ve drinking like there`s a message in a bottle Alohas to women with no ties to men Know that I know that know` , there are no lies you can now give me all the information I give you niggas I`m on the edge of the influential thank you, I`m here for you niggas I think a success does not add up to a career for you niggas Must have been difficult to observe what for a year for you niggas It is December 31 and we in Miami only meditate their resolutions , we just book Living out a dream it feels like I stayed up And we just want to party, Patron straight up Fuck that old shit, I`m on new things OVO Clique, Red Wing Boot Gang yes we want it all, half was never the agreement who would have thought the route we`d chosen would ever end up this scenic? I can refer to children who go straight into the league If they realize you have what it takes to succeed And that`s about the time your idols your rivals you will become friends with Mike But A.I. him for your survival I swear that sport and music are so synonymous that we want them to be , and they want us so in the name of the asked and conversation, that you will be for granted, you can thank me now and oh my God, you are welcome at that time, I am the one who tries to save me from rappers hitting me and I never know what they say, because they think I can help them get back to where they fell , but drink, because everyone here is good tonight except the niggas I came up with, they`re good for life It`s, as you know, it goes down In case another chance never comes for [Chorus] You could thank me now, go “head thanks later, yes I know what I said , but later doesn`t always come so instead it`s ok, you could thank me now [verse 2] Shallow nigga but deep enough to have gone swimming, I think I spend all my time with the bad women I think, I think I`ll have a chance to know I`m missing the cause to devote my time is just not realistic man , the good enther girls got a friend, or went for college on me And all the bad ones I`m used to beating are friends now who wish me, I`ve had a few fewer miles on me But have I ever had the discussion about double pump slats and light muffins? I did it? Or is it missing what we had? I`m probably just the reason you learned your lesson I bent for the Marilyn Monroes Who was there first, I think that`s how he`ll hear you about your disadvantages, but focus on your professionals and love for those who are out of the ground of their soul But the same people in your area will grow into women who are willing to marry hi because of what they allow where are they all now? I know they look somewhere, so I try to make them proud of the meaning, you`re going to find it next to me you say I`m the sexiest, I think we finally see, I feel like Nas, who am I for not agreeing? You say the doors will open soon, as you will find the missing key That`s probably why I in this jump bright in the sky and put the stars in alignment I rep the ATF in case you need to be called back and the train full but you can try to walk behind it, I`m sorry to drink poolside Margarita Round nator carries the crown and I know that life is only a game where the cards are down I`m in a world where things are taken, never given how long they decide to love them will never be your decision and I`m aware that this could be the last time you listen, while I`m still here in this position [choral] you could thank me now, you can go “head thank you later , yes I know what I said But later does not always come like that instead it is ok, you could follow me now Mahalo of the hardest act Lately I drank as there was a message in a bottle of Alohas to women unrelated to men I know well that far there are no lies you can me